Hostname: vk2rhk2-uhf
Pi-Star:3.4.17 / Dashboard: 20210611

Pi-Star Digital Voice Dashboard for VK2RHK

VK-DMR + P25, Wyee UHF-2

439.875 -5 CTCSS 91.5

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Gateway Activity
Time (AEST)Time in AEST time zone ModeTransmitted Mode CallsignCallsign TargetTarget, D-Star Reflector, DMR Talk Group etc SrcReceived from source Dur(s)Duration in Seconds LossPacket Loss BERBit Error Rate
10:30:17 Jun 15thPOCSAGDAPNETDAPNET UserNet0.00%0.0%
10:27:29 Jun 15thDMR TS2
TG 505Net0.80%0.0%
10:18:54 Jun 15thDMR TS1
TG 3809Net1.20%0.0%
10:13:35 Jun 15thDMR TS2
TG 505Net1.60%0.0%
10:09:35 Jun 15thDMR TS24000TG 9Net2.30%0.0%
10:03:40 Jun 15thDMR TS2
TG 505Net1.20%0.0%
09:49:33 Jun 15thDMR TS2
TG 505Net23.20%0.0%
09:48:33 Jun 15thDMR TS2
TG 505Net59.62%0.0%
09:47:08 Jun 15thDMR TS2
TG 505Net10.210%0.0%
09:39:34 Jun 15thDMR TS2
TG 505Net0.80%0.0%
09:36:05 Jun 15thDMR TS1
TG 3809Net1.60%0.0%
09:31:33 Jun 15thDMR TS2
TG 3802Net0.50%0.0%
09:23:11 Jun 15thDMR TS2
TG 505Net1.260%0.0%
09:19:55 Jun 15thDMR TS2
TG 505Net13.97%0.0%
09:18:33 Jun 15thDMR TS2
TG 505Net72.10%0.0%
09:11:18 Jun 15thDMR TS2
TG 505Net2.347%0.0%
09:07:29 Jun 15thDMR TS2
TG 505Net5.20%0.0%
08:52:41 Jun 15thDMR TS1
TG 3809Net0.80%0.0%
08:52:35 Jun 15thDMR TS1
TG 3809Net2.96%0.0%
08:49:59 Jun 15thDMR TS2
TG 3802Net12.411%0.0%

DAPNET Gateway Activity
Time (AEST)Time in AEST time zone Time SlotMessage Mode TargetRIC / CapCode of the receiving Pager MessageMessage contents
10:30:17 Jun 15th Slot 8 0000008 vk2rhk
10:20:03 Jun 15th Slot 8 0000008 vk2rhk
10:11:31 Jun 15th Slot 8 0000008 vk2rhk
10:00:01 Jun 15th Slot 12 0000008 vk2rhk